May Flowers...

Laeney and I saw the most adorable flower clips 
at Once Upon a Child and after buying one, 
I realized I needed to craft my own...

So Laeney and I had a little mother/daughter craft time
at home last weekend and made a bunch of flower power
hair clips for her and Finney. 

The back side of the clip...

 my lovely model...

 The flower collection...

I also had a few feathers, so I made myself a feather hair clip as well...
who knew a hot glue gun, some creativity,
 and craft time with your preschooler could be so fun!


pink or blue?

A great party idea by one of my clients...
a "pink or blue party"!

They had a Pink or Blue Party to reveal the sex of 
their soon to be born baby
to all their family and friends.

Friends and family wore pink or blue based on their guess..
and when they cut the cake...the baby's sex was revealed! So fun!

I had so much fun designing their invites and loved being 
part of such a creative project!


Mr. and Mrs. Lampi

Our wedding gift to the Lampis...
a silhouette I drew of "Josh and Leah"!

and here's the happy couple on their big day!

Finney with the happy couple

...and Laeney got to help open their gifts!


my little valentines.

Happy Valentines Day from 
Laeney and Fiona!


cookies for 2...

My dear mom came over and helped me 
bake dozens of "2" cookies for Fiona's 2nd Birthday. 

We then wrapped them up in bags with little "2" tags that my 
talented and creative mom made...

My big 2 year old with her very own bag of "2" cookies!



my baby is 2...

The last TWO years have gone by way too fast
and I wish I had videos of every sweet and funny
moment, so I could remember every detail.

Our sweet Finn is feisty, funny, cuddly, so very loving,
and a total ham..

happy birthday sweet girl. 


merry and bright

Our 2010 holiday card...
Here's to hoping yours was merry and bright.

I knew I wanted to design a card that was bright 
and not traditional Christmas colors this year.

For a few reasons I guess...
The obvious reason that we are dressed in vibrant colors in the photos and
 they were taken when Minnesota was still bright and full of color!
 But more importantly, I designed a card around
 how I feel when I am surrounded by my little family....happy, bright and merry.